Want to give up refined sugar? Try these Syrup’s instead


In times gone by golden syrup was just about the only syrup available. Things have changed some what and there are now a whole host of different syrup’s available to use to sweeten all sorts of dishes. Here is our guide to some of the most popular.

Agave Syrup


Harvested mainly in Mexico from Agave plants, agave syrup is a delicious alternative to sugar and alternative sweeteners with a low glycaemic index so it won’t cause surges and drops in your blood sugar level. It is roughly one and a half times sweeter than normal sugar so can be used in smaller amounts.

Agave syrup is a delicious, rich syrup ideal as a topping on your favourite dessert or added to drinks as a replacement for sugar. It can be found in dark and light versions as well as with a range of flavourings including caramel, cranberry and chocolate.

Brown Rice Syrup


Brown rice syrup as the name suggests is a product derived from brown rice. It is made by exposing cooked brown rice to enzymes that break down the starches and to create sugars. Once filtered what is left is a thick sugary syrup. Although low in nutritional value, and still a sugar, the positive thing about brown rice syrup is that it only contains glucose and not fructose. Studies have shown that every cell in the body is capable of breaking down glucose where as only the liver can break down fructose. This processing of fructose by the liver causes a build up of dangerous fats which does not occur with glucose.

Biona Rice Syrup has a mellow sweet taste. It can be used to sweeten drinks, as a bread spread, in cooking or for sweetening desserts.

Date Syrup

meridian date syrup

Date syrup is a dark brown, very sweet syrup extracted from dates. It is widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine. Now widely available commercially in this country date syrup can be used as a replacement for sugar, although it’s high level of sweetness means you can use less of it. The date syrup that we sell contains no additives or preservatives.

Use date syrup to sweeten drinks, in baking to make cakes, flapjacks or biscuits, or try using it to flavour ice cream.


Blackstrap Molasses

meridian organic mollasses blackstrap

Blackstrap molasses is a dark thick syrup produced by extracting sugar from raw sugar cane. With blackstrap molasses the process of boiling to remove the sugar is carried out three times meaning the molasses that is extracted is as pure as it can be. This pureness and dark colour is what gives blackstrap it’s name. Unlike refined sugar it does have nutritional value as it contains a range of vitamins and minerals.

Blackstrap has a bitter, sweet taste, great for baking (great in flapjacks), sauces, chutney, and in porridge. You can also add Blackstrap Molasses to hot milk to make a wraming drink.

Pure Cane Molasses

meridian molasses pure cane

Pure Cane Molasses is a by product of refining sugar from raw sugar cane juice. extracted during the process of cane sugar production. This process of extraction means that all of the beneficial nutrients of the sugar cane are concentrated into the molasses. The consistency of pure cane molasses can vary as it is a purely natural product.

Use in the same way as suggested above for blackstrap molasses.



These were just a few of the many sugars, syrup’s and sweeteners that we sell, you can view the full range in our  Food & Drink section.

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